Legislative 005 – MITA Continues to Spread the Word About Michigan’s Road & Sewer Needs

Presentations made to business leaders and local officials Recently, MITA staff was featured at the Michigan Chamber of Commerce Mid-Winter Legislative Conference held in Lansing. The audience consisted of a large contingent of local chamber of commerce representatives from across the state. MITA was also invited to speak at a recent luncheon of the Michigan […]

MDOT 004 – MDOT Implements Storm Water Outfall Labeling Requirement

With the issuance of Bureau of Highway Instructional Memorandum 2005-03 – Labeling Storm Water Outfalls (BOHIM 2005-03), MDOT has implemented a new storm water outfall labeling requirement. This labeling requirement is a condition of the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit issued to MDOT by the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality which allows MDOT […]

House Transportation Chair Reaches Deal with House Majority Leader

It was recently reported that House Transportation and Infrastructure Chairman Don Young has reached a deal with House Majority Leader Delay and others on critical transportation funding details concerning how highway dollars should be distributed to states. Young has promised Delay and lawmakers from donor states that the minimum guaranteed rate-of-return would rise from 90.5 […]

MDOT 001-MDOT Implements Construction Advisory (CA) Communication Tool

Page: 1 No: MDOT – 001 Date: 2/18/05 Circulation: Membership In response to industry requests for statewide consistency MDOT has introduced a new communication tool it will use to disseminate information statewide. The “Construction Advisory (CA)” will be distributed electronically and is intended to provide uniform interpretation of existing practices for the purpose of promoting […]

MITA and Seven Industry Partners Sign CQP Charter

At the State Transportation Commission meeting today, MITA President, Steve Mancini, joined with seven other association presidents and agency representatives in signing the Michigan Construction Quality Partnership (CQP) charter. Signing the CQP charter in the presence of the State Transportation Commission, the state’s transportation policy body, was a significant public demonstration of the commitment the […]