2022 Contractor Membership Dues

TO:                 Contractor Members

FROM:           Robert M. Coppersmith, Acting Executive Vice President

DATE:            December 1, 2021

Re:                 2022 Membership Dues


Please estimate your volume of sales for 2021. The only other thing I ask is that you be fair with this estimate. We do not conduct audits, nor do we put our nose where it doesn’t belong.  Conversely, we have worked hard to develop your trust and know that, in turn, equity will be served.

The financial condition and stability of MITA is totally dependent on your support. I feel that we have spent your hard earned dues money in the most efficient way possible. You have my unqualified promise that this stewardship will continue.

This past year was filled with numerous victories that will have a lasting effect on the entire industry.  The MITA team will continue its steadfast and aggressive approach as we engage in new efforts this next year.

Please contact Sara Schaibly at saraschaibly@thinkmita.org for your appropriate dues form.