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We represent over 500 companies statewide who work on Michigan’s roads, bridges, underground and utility systems.

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January 22 - Board of Directors Meeting

January 22-23 - Annual Conference

February 19 - European Pheasant/DREW Foundation Hunt

February 22-29 - Management Conference

April 14 - Board Meeting

June 26 - Classic Car Show & Low Country Boil Barbecue

July 8 - Metro Golf Outing

July 23 - Board Meeting

July 23-26 - Summer Conference - CANCELLED

July 29 - Western Golf Outing

August 26 - Central Golf Outing

September 15 - Board Meeting

September 24 - Wild Game Dinner

December 11 - Board Meeting

December 11 - Central Holiday Party

December 15 - Western Holiday Party

December 17 - Metro Holiday Party


Construction and work zone safety have come a long way. Rules remain the same though – slow down, pay attention, save a life. #WorkZoneWednesday #TZD #WorkZoneHistoryMonth #WayBackWhen

Photo: Maintenance Work, circa 1956.

MITA's Director of Workforce Development, Ken Bertolini, recently promoted this week's Virtual Hiring Fairs on @stevegrubershow. Take a listen by clicking the link below! The two fairs will be hosted via Zoom on Thursday, June 4th, at 10 am and 1 pm.

A Driveway Assistance Device (DAD) safely alerts motorists to direction of traffic flow in 1 lane, alternating work zones. It improves traffic flow w/o compromising safety. Always pay attention to DAD because DAD knows what is work zone safe! #WorkZoneWednesday #TZD #DADKnowsBest

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Fix MI State highlights how good infrastructure throughout Michigan benefits you, your family and your growing community.

Michigan’s infrastructure is broken.

With Good Infrastructure

Northern Michigan

Fraser Sinkhole

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Work zone safety is everyone's job.

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