ACTION ALERT: Write A Letter To The Editor

The May 5, 2015 election is just under two months away, and on that day everyone will have the opportunity to vote YES on Proposal 1. MITA has encouraged member involvement from the start, so the new goal is to really step up that engagement in these last two months. You will receive these action alerts on MONDAYS for the next nine weeks leading up to Election Day.

The campaign (Safe Roads YES!) is strongly suggesting that everyone work to submit letters to the editor of their local newspapers and online media publications. There are sample letters available below, each of which addresses a different aspect of the campaign. Click on any of the topics listed below:

·     Special Interests

·   Not Enough

·     Best Chance

·     Student Driver

·     Look Closer

·     For_Roads_Only

·     Republican Leaders

·     Public Safety

·     Public Safety #2

·     Local Elected Leaders

·     Business Leaders

·     Concrete

·     Concrete #2

·     Temporary

·     Slow Fire Truck

·     Ambulance

·    Dangerous Bridges

Please seriously consider submitting a letter to the editor for this very important cause. If you want to use a sample letter, please click on one above. If you wish to write your own, that is fine, too. Either way, please email Mariam Robinson, MITA Outreach Coordinator, at to let her know which sample letter you choose, as well as which news outlet you are submitting it to. MITA would like to track all member efforts to submit letters to the editor on behalf of the campaign. Thank you in advance!