Katrina Relief Funding will spare cash-strapped Highway Trust Fund

A new Bush Administration request to spend $2.325 billion to repair and rebuild highways and bridges damaged by Hurricane Katrina will be paid by the general fund of the U.S. Treasury, according to the Bureau of National Affairs. Under SAFETEA-LU, Congress designated $100 million to be spent each year out

Legislative Update

Federal Transportation Funding (SAFETEA-LU) & Hurricane Katrina The recent catastrophic disaster resulting from Hurricane Katrina has caused some in Washington D.C. to suggest that funds recently authorized in the six-year transportation act (SAFETEA-LU) be reallocated to offset the cost of disaster relief for the gulf coast region. However, there are

2005-06 Transportation Budget Goes to Governor

Recently the Michigan Legislature approved a conference report for the 2005-06 Transportation Budget. This conference report includes the road and bridge program funding that will be used in the summer of 2006 for all projects funded through the Michigan Transportation Fund. In the end, the total amount of the program

Legislative – Your Input Requested

YOUR INPUT REQUESTED ON BURDENSOME REGULATIONS In order to improve our state’s regulatory and overall business climate, House Commerce Committee Chairman Representative Bill Huizenga (R-Ottawa) has formed and named Representative Rick Baxter (R-Jackson) chair of a new Business Regulations Commerce Subcommittee. The Business Regulations Subcommittee will be in operation the

Hours of Service for Truck Drivers Changing Under House Bill 4852

Under HB 4852, which is currently working its way through the State Senate, several motor carrier exemptions will be repealed. MITA has been directly engaged in working on this voluminous piece of legislation to make sure that the industry’s interests are protected at all levels. However, many of these changes

Legislative Update – The Legislature Returns – What’s Ahead

With less than a month remaining in fiscal year 2004-05, the legislature has plenty of work ahead to complete in the next three weeks. The State’s fiscal year 2005-06 budget bills are probably the number one priority, and most sources in Lansing indicate that a budget deal has been completed.

Reauthorization of the TEA-21 – Passed

Donor states won a significant victory Friday, July 29th with the House of Representatives passage of the conference report for the reauthorization of the Transportation Equity Act for the 21st Century (TEA 21). SAFETEA LU (HR 3), was approved by the House with a bipartisan vote of 412 – 8.

Reauthorization Information Now Available

After over three long years of hard work, aggressive lobbying and a historical number of extensions, President Bush finally signed into law a federal transportation reauthorization package that in the end brings Michigan an additional funding level of $240 million through September 30th of 2009. During the course of the

MDOT – Mandatory Electronic Funds Transfer

Public Act 533 of 2004 requires that payments for all State contracts for the purchase of goods or services be made by electronic funds transfer (ETF). MDOT, as PA Act 533 requires, will implement ETF for all contracts executed on or after October 1, 2005. Once a contractor/vendor registers and

MDOT to Post ” As – Submitted” Bid Letting Results

With the implementation of 100% electronic bidding, MDOT will now begin posting letting results immediately after the download of electronic bids is complete. The “As-Read” portion of MDOT’s Web site has been changed to read “As-Submitted”, to signify the receipt of the electronic bids rather than the bid amounts as

Legal – AG Declares County Road Commissions Without Legal Authority To Require Haul Route Permit Requirements

As many of our members know, we have been addressing the increasingly troubling situation involving the imposition and enforcement of haul route permit requirements by the various county road commissions. With the invaluable assistance of State Representative Dan Acciavatti and the input of MITA legal counsel, we have obtained the


2005-06 Transportation Budget Passes The 2005-2006 Transportation Budget recently passed out of both the Michigan House of Representatives and Senate. Although the versions of this legislation were slightly different, ultimately, the legislation puts forth a road and bridge program that is very similar to that of the 2004-2005 program. Increased