Construction Issues/Concerns with Increased Focus

MITA staff has been meeting with MDOT central office and regional leadership to discuss current concerns and issues from both industry and MDOT perspectives. MDOT has indicated that there will be heightened focus in the following areas this upcoming construction season.

1. Prevailing wages – MDOT will be conducting more wage reviews to insure that contractors are complying with all requirements as specified in the prevailing wage contract documents.

2. Soil Erosion & Sedimentation Control (SESC) – The SESC plan must be followed and maintained throughout the life of the project.

3. Work site safety – Make sure that all MIOSHA requirements are being followed and enforced.

4. ADA compliance – ADA details need to be constructed per plan, paying special attention to slope of sidewalk ramps and truncated dome alignment.

5. On-site Trucking – Legal loads must be adhered to inside and outside the construction sites. There have been problems with overloaded trucks when hauling material between job sites or within the project limits.

Contact Glenn Bukoski at or Doug Needham at or call them at the office, 800/878-2821 if you have any questions about any of these “update” topics.