Detroit Carpenters Fringe Payment Information

TO: Road Detroit Carpenters Signatory Contractors
FROM: Robert Coppersmith, Acting Executive Vice President
DATE: November 12, 2021
RE: New Fringe Payment Information

Please update the financial institution information for MRCC Fringe Benefits for Detroit Carpenters.

Name: Huntington Bank
New routing & account number information:
Michigan Regional Council of Carpenters

Fringe Benefit Funds Lock Box Account

Huntington Bank

ACH Routing Number: 072403473

Wire Routing Number: 044000024

Account number: 01368622938


At this time, we have not been advised that the mailing address for live checks has changed (electronic payment is the preferred method of payment).

Please send directly to Huntington Bank:

Regular Mail:

Huntington Bank

c/o MRCC Fringe Benefit Funds

PO Box 33123

Detroit, MI 48232-3123

FedEx/Overnight Mail:

MRCC Fringe Benefit Funds

ATTN: Batching Dept. – LB# 33123

27240 Haggerty Road, E1

Farmington Hills, MI 48331