Doug Needham Appointed to President of the Michigan Aggregate Association

Doug Needham has been appointed President of the Michigan Aggregate Association. He is succeeding Mike Newman, who has successfully led the aggregate industry for the past 21 years.

Needham, MITA’s current Vice President of Industry Relations, will officially start his new role on November 2, 2015 and will work closely with MITA leadership and staff to ensure a smooth transition.

Mike Nystrom, MITA Executive Vice President commented, “Doug has been a huge part of an excellent team here at MITA, and he will be missed immensely. We look forward to continuing to work with Doug in his new endeavor.”

Glenn Bukoski, MITA’s Vice President of Engineering Services, will step in to help fill the void until a replacement is found. If you have any engineering questions, please contact Glenn Bukoski at 517-347-8336 or email him at