FieldManager Contractor Continues to Grow and Expand

FieldManager Contractor, a construction management application built especially for and by contractors, continues to grow and expand its functionality. Not only is the product usage increasing among our contractors, the user input is also driving the development of this application. The most recent release in summer 2009 added all of the functionality requested by MITA contractors, including Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) tracking, modifications to the subcontractor payment functionality, and additional reporting capabilities.

Info Tech (the software developer) continues to work with MITA contractors to improve and expand functionality and is set to launch a new release for the 2010 construction season. Key features added in this release include, the export of labor and equipment and subcontractor payment data, labor and equipment unit pricing, the 1302 items sheet, and the ability to load and manage a user’s non-DOT contracts.

These new features have been added to the existing functionality of the application, which already allows you to:

  • Create discrepancy reports comparing the owner agency contract with your working copy.  This compares the owner agency quantities placed and paid vs. your quantity placed calculating the dollar amount difference.
  • Create a daily progress discrepancy by item showing the Inspector Daily Report dates with quantity discrepancies between your record and the owner agency
  • Establish the basis of a subcontract; assign contract items to different contractors, or split them among multiple contractors.  Easily calculate a subcontractor total dollar amount.
  • Import your Expedite Bid (.ebs) file to create a mirror copy of the contract and compare data with the owner agency’s data pass
  • Track costs of personnel and equipment per day using the Foreman’s Daily Report functionality
  • Specify the quantity for each item to pay to your subs and calculate the dollar amount due, creating the payment reports for subs.

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