Governor Signs MITA Hours of Service Reforms

A MITA-led effort to reinstate a construction industry hours of service exemption for intrastate truck drivers was signed by the governor December 30th and is already in effect.

House Bill 6663, sponsored Rep Phil LaJoy (R-Canton Twp.), will create expanded hours of service opportunities for intrastate truck drivers. A previous exemption, in place since 1990, allowed expanded driving time but was removed last year under the belief that the state law did not comply with federal regulations.

Last spring, MITA began working on this issue with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMSCA) in Washington, D.C. and Marty Leavitt of Sullivan & Leavitt, who represents the Michigan Aggregate Haulers Association. A federal exemption became evident that allowed the state to offer expanded driving time hours for “seasonal construction-related activities” traveling within the Michigan only. After getting the green light from the FMCSA that such an exemption was allowed, MITA worked to introduce the legislation to address the concerns of the construction industry while still meeting the federal requirements. MITA pushed hard for these changes to be enacted before the new year and before the change in legislative leadership in January.

According to the new rules, a truck driver could be on duty for up to 70 hours in 7 days or 80 hours in 8 days and would be allowed to be on duty for up to 16 hours and to drive up to 12 hours each work day (while staying within the weekly limitations).

If you have any questions, please contact Mike Nystrom, Vice President of Government & Public Relations at or Keith Ledbetter, Director of Legislative Affairs at , or call the MITA office at (517) 347-8336.