Legislative – Your Input Requested


In order to improve our state’s regulatory and overall business climate, House Commerce Committee Chairman Representative Bill Huizenga (R-Ottawa) has formed and named Representative Rick Baxter (R-Jackson) chair of a new Business Regulations Commerce Subcommittee.

The Business Regulations Subcommittee will be in operation the remainder of the 2005-2006 legislative session. Their purpose will be to research Michigan’s regulatory climate and make specific recommendations. The recommendations will be in the form of both legislation and reports to the full Commerce Committee.

In a letter from Representative Baxter, he has requested from MITA our input on specific burdensome regulations that we feel needlessly diminish our state’s business competitiveness.

If you have encountered specific regulations that you feel are burdensome and should be reformed or repealed, please complete the form below and return it via fax to the MITA office. The MITA staff will then compile a list and schedule a meeting with Representative Baxter to discuss these issues.

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