Let’s Build Up That MITA PAC!

November has been an amazing month for MITA and the entire heavy/highway construction industry. Not only did the Legislature finally pass a much needed and comprehensive long-term road funding plan, but the Governor signed the package of bills at the MITA headquarters in Okemos, with numerous public officials, MITA members and the entire Capitol press corps looking on.

The MITA PAC has not donated a single dollar of member-contributed money to any legislator’s political action committee since December of 2014. It has been our way of sending a serious long-term message to those who have wanted our support. As we wind down 2015, we would like to end the year on a high note by pumping up our PAC. Doing so will set the stage for a powerful year in 2016 and will continue to send the message to those elected officials that our membership continues to support MITA, and MITA supports those individuals who support the industry.

The passage of road funding is an extraordinary feat, and one that should be recognized and celebrated. The work, however, must continue, for there are new challenges ahead, including a renewed focus on our underground infrastructure. MITA staff will continue to work hard and press forward, propelled by the momentum that road funding has brought.

Please consider making a donation to the MITA PAC before the end of the year. Let’s make sure those legislators know that the MITA PAC means business, that it is strong, and that it has the support of all 500 plus members behind it. Every donation sends a message to Lansing that the MITA PAC is important and that it is a serious contributor to the public policy strategies at the Capitol.

Click here to make a personal ONLINE credit card donation to the MITA PAC today!

Contact Mariam Robinson, Outreach Coordinator, with any questions you may have about making a personal contribution. She can be reached at mariamrobinson@mi-ita.com or at 517-347-8336. Remember that Michigan campaign finance laws prohibit making corporate contributions to PACs.