MDOT 2016 FY Projected Lettings Update

This past September, MDOT leadership announced they would invest $1.33 billion in their FY 2016 Highway Program, with approximately $698 million of that amount projected for trunkline road and bridge project lettings.

In December, Congress approved the Fixing America’s Surface Transportation Act (FAST Act), which projected an approximately $52 million increase in FY 2016 federal funding to Michigan when compared to the FY 2015 federal funding level.

Based on the FAST Act FY 2016 projected federal funding level, MDOT updated their 2016 FY projected letting total to approximately $741 million.

Through the first two quarters of FY 2016 (October thru March lettings), MDOT has let approximately $538 million in trunkline road and bridge projects, or approximately 73% of the projected $741 million. Approximately $209 million in trunkline road and bridge projects remain to be let through the end of FY 2016.

MDOT provides the following documents pertinent to the FY 2016 Highway Program on their website.  These documents are updated monthly so visit them often to get the most current information:

Three Month Projected Lettings

2016 FY Projected Lettings

2016 FY Significant Projects List

2016 HMA, Concrete & Bridge Summary

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