MDOT Establishes Design-Build Policy

After benchmarking against other state departments of transportation and considering the input of the construction industry as well as the consulting engineer community, MDOT has decided not to expand its in-house Design-Build (D/B) capability at this time.

Although MDOT recognizes D/B can be beneficial in terms of saving time in project development and delivery and creating opportunities for contractor innovation, they concluded that given the current program size and direction, that the program is being developed in a timely and cost effective manner. MDOT will continue to monitor national D/B best practices to stay current with D/B contracting for project development and delivery.

MDOT has indicated that they may consider implementing the D/B process for mega projects like the Detroit River International Crossing and the Blue Water Bridge Plaza. Should MDOT decide to implement D/B on these or other mega projects, they plan to utilize the consultant community to assist them with the development and delivery of those projects.

In providing input to MDOT on this matter, MITA supported the direction of maintaining a baseline of knowledge and keeping D/B as a viable tool in MDOT’s project development and delivery toolbox. MITA was not supportive of a dedicated D/B program approach implemented by other states that would have required the commitment of MDOT staff and the carving out of a portion of the annual capital program to sustain a D/B program.

If you have any questions about MDOT’s Design-Build Policy contact Glenn Bukoski at, or call him at the MITA office at 517-347-8336.