MDOT Further Extends the Implementation Date of “DBE at Time of Bid” Process Revision

With FHWA approval, MDOT has further extended the implementation date of the “DBE at Time of Bid” process revision from the October 4, 2019 bid letting to the January 10, 2020 bid letting.

FHWA’s approval of this extended implementation timeframe was a part of their overall approval of the proposed “DBE at Time of Bid” revised process recently submitted to them by the MITA/MDOT subcommittee (see MITA’s May 17, 2019, MDOT Extends Implementation Date of “DBE at Time of Bid” Process Revision bulletin for reference).

MDOT’s Contractor Announcement (CA) indicates that the previously used Special Provision for Disadvantaged Business Enterprises Goal at Time of Bid (12SP-102E-04) will be used on federal-aid projects in all lettings for the remainder of 2019.  You should recall that under this process all bidders must submit their DBE participation percentage at the time of bid, and then only the two lowest bidders are required to submit their DBE participation documentation or an Abbreviated Contractor Good Faith Effort Application within five calendar days of the bid letting.

Prior to the January 10, 2020 letting, MDOT will issue a revised special provision that will detail the procedures and submittal requirements for the revised “DBE at Time of Bid Process”.

Click here to view MDOT’s CA, Requirements for DBE at Time of Bid.

If you have any questions, please contact Glenn Bukoski, MITA’s Vice President of Engineering Services, at or in the MITA office at 517-347-8336.