MDOT FY 2024 Transportation Program Announced

The State Transportation Commission’s (STC) approval of the MDOT 2024-2028 Five-Year Transportation Program at their November meeting served as MDOT’s formal announcement that they will invest $4 billion in their FY 2024 Transportation Program. The focus of the FY 2024 capital investments will be preservation of the transportation system, safe mobility for motorists, and efficient system operations. The multimodal FY 2024 program will invest $257 million in the Aeronautics Program, $577.9 million in the Bus and Marine Programs, $186.4 million in the Rail and Port Programs, and $2.96 billion in the Highway Program.
The FY 2024 Transportation Program investments are a vital part of Michigan’s continued economic growth and are estimated to support 53,358 jobs.
The FY 2024 Highway Program includes approximately $260 million for trunkline modernization, approximately $558 million for bridge replacement and preservation activities, and approximately $1.3 billion for roadway preservation activities.  MDOT has also allocated $476 million to fund routine maintenance (snowplowing, mowing, etc.) performed by the Department, approximately $239 million for safety and systems operations, and optimizing the performance of existing multimodal infrastructure.  The balance of the investments, approximately $111 million, will go to fund other state and federal programs that include nonmotorized facilities/streetscapes, recreational trails, roadside facilities and workforce development.
The MDOT estimates for their FY 2024 Repair and Rebuild Roads program (roadway preservation) will include approximately:  401 lane miles of rebuilding and improvements, 991 lane miles of capital preventive maintenance, and 382 lane miles of freeway and non-freeway resurfacing.
The FY 2024 Bridge Replacement and Preservation program will include the replacement, rehabilitation, and capital preventive maintenance on 209 bridges, and $60 million for the Blue Water Bridge plaza work.
The FY 2024 Highway Program was developed based on anticipated federal and state revenues plus an additional $460 million in Rebuilding Michigan Program bond proceeds.
For the 12-month period, July 2023 to June 2024, MDOT is projecting that approximately $1.74 billion in trunkline road and bridge projects will be advertised and let based on their November 2023 projection update.
To keep you abreast of their planned lettings, MDOT has provided several reports pertaining to the FY 2024 Highway Program. At MITA’s request, MDOT leadership has committed to updating these reports regularly as they are subject to change due to, but not limited to, program level decisions, project delivery commitments, project estimate variability, obligation authority variability, and advanced construction strategies. MDOT acknowledges that some of the totals provided in these reports may not yet approach the projected totals detailed herein, as some projects planned for in FY 2024 may not be fully programmed at the time of this announcement.
To access these reports, go the Bid Letting webpage and scroll down to “Anticipated Projects”, where you will find the following reports:
• Twelve Month Projected Lettings
• Twelve Month Significant Projects
• 2024 Projected Lettings
• 2024 Quantity Report
• Temporary Concrete Barrier Projected Quantities
If you have any questions, please contact any member of the MITA engineering team:
Rachelle VanDeventer |
They can also be reached by phone at the MITA office: 517-347-8336.