MDOT Offers Improved E-mail Communications

MDOT can now capture and store additional e-mail addresses to facilitate better communications with prequalified contractors’ specific business areas.

Previously, MDOT held only a Construction Prequalification e-mail address that was utilized for all “MDOT to contractor” e-mail communications.

MDOT is now able to store and utilize different e-mail addresses for Awards, Bid Letting, Contractor Payments and Construction Prequalification.

Submitting these additional e-mail addresses to MDOT is optional, and only an e-mail address submitted for Bid Letting would be made public as it will appear on an Eligible Bidders List.

Click here to see MDOT’s Contractor Announcement, E-mail Contacts Now Available for Awards, Bid Letting, and Contractor Payments.

If you have any questions, please contact Glenn Bukoski at, or Rachelle VanDeventer at