MDOT Revises Crushed Concrete Use Restriction

MITA has been informed that MDOT will be revising their restriction on the use of crushed concrete for projects in the March 2nd letting.  MDOT plans to issue an addendum for the impacted projects that will revise the current prohibition (use of crushed concrete is prohibited within 500’ of any watercourse) to a prohibition on the use of crushed concrete within 100’ of any watercourse.

MDOT has indicated that the basis for this continued prohibition was the discovery of high pH effluent on a few projects where crushed concrete had been incorporated into the work.  MDOT further indicated that this prohibition is a preemptive action to avoid exacerbation of a potential environmental concern pending their further investigation of this leachate issue.

MDOT has identified the following projects in the March 2nd letting that are impacted by the crushed concrete prohibition for which an addendum will be issued:

Item 009

Item 016

Item 017

Item 019

Item 021

Item 025

Item 030

Item 035

Item 048

Item 049

Item 051

Item 096


On these impacted projects MDOT will:

1.  Identify on the project plans the locations where the use of crushed concrete will be prohibited.

2.  Provide an estimated quantity of aggregate base for which crushed concrete cannot be used.


It should be noted that crushed concrete can be used in accordance with the applicable specifications outside the area(s) MDOT identifies to be within 100 feet of any watercourse.

MITA will stay aggressively involved with MDOT in pursuing a reasonable resolution for the concerns associated with the use of crushed concrete near watercourses.  Stay tuned to future bulletins for updates on this important matter.


If you have any questions or comments, please contact Glenn Bukoski or Doug Needham by email or at the MITA office at 517-347-8336.