Membership: Strong Week for Prop 1 Ballot Campaign/Coalition!

It’s been a very positive week for Proposal 1 and the campaign/coalition backing it. Official campaign filing reports were due on Tuesday, February 17, and MI Citizens for Safer Roads and Better Schools could proudly and publicly display their $3.2 million war chest. Thanks to the contributions of certain MITA members, that number is impressive and continuing to grow daily. The financial side of this campaign cannot be emphasized enough. Contributions as small as $1,000.00 and as large as $250,000.00 have been received, and each one gets us closer to our goal of educating the state of Michigan on just how important this proposal is.

In addition to having a good financial start, the coalition supporting a YES vote on May 5th, Safe Roads YES, has officially launched their website, providing education and information on the details surrounding the proposal, as well as how it will greatly benefit the state and provide much-needed investment in our roads and bridges. The coalition is growing stronger daily, particularly with groups like the Michigan Sheriffs Association, the Business Leaders for Michigan, the Small Business Association of Michigan and the Michigan Farm Bureau signing on as supporters.

Social media for Safe Roads YES is also up and running, and we encourage all members to like, follow, share and retweet the information being provided.

Safe Roads YES social media information is as follows:

Twitter Handle: @SafeRoadsYES

We’d like to see strong member support on all social media forums, so please take a minute to make sure you are participating on that side of things on a daily basis. Additionally, if you haven’t made a financial contribution to the ballot campaign yet, please consider making a donation. It’s so important that we have the finances to combat the misinformation circulating the state in favor of the opposition.

Click here to see an updated list of MITA contributors to the campaign so far.
Click here to access the CONTRACTOR contribution form and Prop 1 info.
Click here to access the ASSOCIATE contribution form and Prop 1 info.