Michigan Civil Engineer Publishes Novel About The Road Construction Industry

M.H. (Mike) Hill, a civil engineer in the Michigan highway construction industry, recently sent MITA his published work of fiction: “The Way it Was,” an action-packed novel about the road construction industry in Michigan. MITA members might be interested in the book, which follows the drama of a son avenging the mysterious death of his father, who was the president of a major Michigan road construction company.


The author, a former Army officer, also weaves more of his own personal history into the plot: born and raised in Detroit during the 1967 riots with work experience in Saudi Arabia.

About the Book

The main character of the book is Mike Ferrara, a U.S. Army attache’ to Saudi Arabia.  Mike is working with a Saudi prince to manage a covert U.S./Saudi operation to provide surplus U.S. weapons to Yemeni forces, who are fighting the invading Egyptian army during the Yemini war of the 1960’s.  After his discharge from active duty, Mike returns to his family home in Birmingham, Mich., and works as an aide to the mayor of Detroit during the 1967 riots.


Mike’s father was killed a few years previously when his company helicopter exploded and crashed.  At the time of his death, Mike’s father was expanding his company’s reach into the Chicago market, and he was meeting resistance from entrenched interests there.  The plot thickens when Mike learns that the helicopter crash was not accidental, and thus he begins a vendetta to punish those responsible for his father’s death.


If we have peaked your interest and you would like to order a book, log onto: http://booklocker.com or http://www.amazon.com.