Michigan Laborers Training and Apprenticeship Institute’s New CDL Training Requirements

Until further notice signatory contractors with the Michigan Laborers Union that wish to obtain CDL training for their employees must follow the attached procedures. This is a reaction to the current Secretary of State’s “appointment only” visits. Past practice for the MLTAI was to have the student complete that process during the class which is no longer feasible. 

Once a union member/employee has obtained a DOT physical exam and the temporary permit they can then be registered for final training at the MLTAI. The attachment to this document provides step by step instructions on how to accomplish this as well as what the student will need to produce by way of documentation. It also provides a link to practice sites that may assist employers and employees in determining CDL readiness.

Links: Steps for obtaining a Class A CDL Permit

DOT Medical Examiner Registry

Practice Sites, app and manual