MITA Annual Conference – Know Before You Go!

We’re less than one week away from MITA’s Annual Conference. Please read through this entire email for everything you need to know before you go! 

This first-class event is brought to you by the generous support and participation of our sponsors and exhibitors. Please be sure to check out those sponsor companies that are supporting this event by clicking here. Additionally, MITA has 94 companies exhibiting in 99 booths! That’s a sold-out show! Click here to see the list of exhibitors and their booth locations. We also encourage you to visit each vendor booth over the course of the conference and thank those companies that sponsor.

Registration – For All Regular Conference Attendees (NOT Exhibitors)

Nearly 1,100 people have already registered. If you aren’t one of them, there’s still time!

Unsure if you’ve registered or not, please check this list first for your name.  If you’re on the list, you’re registered. If not, please proceed to one of the registration options listed below.

Registrations can be completed online by clicking here.

Have to register multiple people? Click here and add them to the spreadsheet and MITA will upload your registrations into the system.

Please note: Every attendee registered must have an email address unique to their registration. The same email address cannot be used to register more than one person. 

Payment/Billing information – online registrations have both an invoice and cc payment option. Group registrations will be invoiced.

Registration for Exhibitor’s Attendees

Not sure if you’re already registered? Check this list first before you add yourself to the Exhibitor Attendees Spreadsheet.

If your company is exhibiting (view the list of exhibitors here), and you still need to register, please add your name to the Exhibitor Attendees Spreadsheet found here.

MITA will then invoice your company for your attendance.

Download the ExpoPass App For Up-to-Date Schedule Information

MITA is utilizing the ExpoPass app once again for this event.  Please download the app (search for “Expo Pass”) from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store prior to your arrival at the venue. Once you’ve downloaded the app and logged in with the email you used to register, you’ll have access to the conference schedule. You can also “sign up” for sessions within the app. If you are experiencing trouble with the app, please click here for additional information and directions. If you’ve exhausted all of the directions on that page, please contact, being sure to include the following information in your email:

1.Your name
2. Your email address
3. The name of your event (2024 MITA Annual Conference)
4. Your question with as many details as possible.

Conference Brochure & Schedule and Continuing Education Hour (CEHs) Details

The conference brochure has detailed session information, including session descriptions.

The conference schedule is a shortened version of the brochure but includes conference room assignments as well as which sessions are eligible for CEHs.

Both the conference brochure and the schedule can be found on this page for download.

How do you get your CEHs? MITA staff will be available in each session that offers continuing education hours to scan your badge. After the conference, MITA will print your CEH certificates and email them to the email address provided at registration. If you miss getting your badge scanned during the session, you can visit the registration desk for CEH badge scanning.

Entertainment Hall Etiquette 🤫

Please keep in mind that on both Wednesday and Thursday after lunch, there are presentations on the main stage in the Entertainment Hall, which is a shared space with the trade show. Because that space can get particularly loud (and out of respect for our presenters), we politely ask that you take any conversations outside the hall or, better yet, find a seat and enjoy the main stage presentations. Remember that there are several opportunities to network with fellow attendees throughout the conference.