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Road Funding

Road lobby calls for ‘vehicle miles traveled tax’ on EVs (WLNS, 6/1/23)

MITA Mention: “While they are paying a surcharge, it does not equate to what they would pay in the gas tax,” said Lance Binoniemi, a roadbuilding lobbyist.

Council To Look At $3.9B Funding Deficit On Roads (MIRS, 5/30/23) *This story is viewable for non-subscribers!

MITA Mention: This week’s pending announcement on the Governor’s council on population growth comes after the Michigan Infrastructure and Transportation Association (MITA) announced findings from a Public Sector Consultants report that Michigan has a $3.9 billion annual funding deficit, resulting in the continued deterioration of roads

Lance Binoniemi, MITA vice president of government affairs, said though there is an emphasis on highway reconstruction and large transportation projects, many of those dollars come from the Governor’s Rebuilding Michigan bonding program, which is issuing $3.5 billion over the course of five years…