MITA Launches FixMIState Campaign

educate the public about the scope of the problem so we can work toward a solution. That’s why FixMIState is so important – and we need you to engage with the campaign to make it a success.

Here are six quick and easy ways you can help FixMIState right now:

·      “Like” FixMIState on Facebook and follow @FixMIState on Twitter

·      Share, comment or like the FixMIState campaign video on Facebook

·      Retweet the FixMIState campaign video on Twitter

·      Follow and engage with FixMIState on Instagram and YouTube

·      Sign up for the “Dig Deeper” newsletter on the website and urge others to do the same.

·      Send in examples of the state’s unmet infrastructure needs (videos, photos, reports, news stories, etc.) that FixMIState can share through the campaign.

Michigan’s infrastructure problem belongs to all of us. We need to work toward public policy solutions to fix it. Now is the time to start. Thank you for your support.