MITA LRD Cmte. Response To OE 324 Claim That Multi-Employer Association Contract Is Being Negotiated

On July 23, 2018, MITA received a letter from Douglas Stockwell, Business Manager of Operating Engineers, Local 324 (OE 324).


Contrary to what the letter claims, MITA has NOT been informing any persons or entities, including its membership, that OE 324 is negotiating a multi-employer association contract with MITA.


The MITA Labor Relations Committee, which is comprised of executives from several signatory union construction companies, has reached out to OE 324 several times in an effort to begin negotiating for a new collective bargaining agreement. To date, however, the union has refused to meet.


The MITA Labor Relations Committee includes the following individuals:


·      Ajax Paving – Mark Johnston

·      Anlaan Corporation – Ryan O’Donnell

·      C. A. Hull – Mike Malloure

·      C & D Hughes – Tim Hughes

·      Dan’s Excavating – Brian Schember

·      Hoffman Bros. – Dan Eriksson

·      Hoffman Bros. – Brian Hoffman

·      Rieth-Riley Construction – Keith Rose

·      Toebe Construction – Tom Stover


MITA has informed the membership of the following only:


1.    An industry-wide contract is in the best interest of all parties, the employees, the road contractors, MITA, and even the union.


2.    MITA is seeking to engage OE 324 in negotiations for that industry-wide contract.


3.    MITA will continue to seek negotiations with OE 324 for that industry-wide contract.


MITA continues to look forward to sitting down with OE 324, as OE 324 has done with other industry associations, to negotiate a new contract. However, it is unfortunate that OE 324 continues to spread many rumors and lies regarding this contract stalemate. Please stay informed with MITA.


To help your company communicate as effectively as possible with your employees during this negotiations standstill, please refer to


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Mike Nystrom, Executive Vice President, at or at 517-896-1493.