MITA Organizes Effort to Help Flint Residents with Water Crisis

MITA today announced a financial donation to help the citizens of Flint with their water crisis, and we are encouraging MITA members to support this effort.


Johnny Watkins, who works for Tyme Engineering in Livonia, contacted MITA last week to see if we could help mobilize an effort to donate money or bottled water.  MITA’s donation was made directly to Watkins’ church, Charity United Methodist Church, following ongoing news of a public health emergency over lead in the Flint water supply.


It is hoped that MITA’s efforts will help generate additional resources that can be used to help thousands of residents deal with the crisis.  As a resolution to the problem unfolds, MITA will continue ongoing efforts to have a statewide funding mechanism put in place to improve systems that supply drinking water to the public.


To make a financial donation (make your check payable to Charity United Methodist Church).  To donate bottled water, please contact: Pastor Brian Willingham, Charity United Methodist Church, 4601 Clio Road, Flint, Mich., 49504, 810-513-1407.