MITA PAC Scores Key Victories in State Legislative Primaries

The results from the 2006 primary election are in and MITA PAC’s record was an impressive 23-2. MITA chose to make contributions in 25 out of 79 total legislative districts with primaries.

Even in open-seat contests, with no incumbents running for election, MITA PAC candidates won 11 out of 13 races. Because of term limits, primaries tend to be very crowded and thus difficult to forecast. Donating money in the primary is often the best way to get noticed by candidates for office, but it has the disadvantage of increasing your chances of supporting the losing side. With assistance from our multi-client lobbying firm of Public Affairs Associates, we bucked the odds and chose to support candidates early on in the primary who were ultimately successful on election night.

Highlights of the election included Senate primary wins for Tupac Hunter, John Gleason and Randy Richardville. In the House, key victories included Marty Knollenberg, Richard LeBlanc, Brian Calley and Ken Horn. MITA feels that all of these candidates will be strong legislators who will support the needs of our industry next term.