MITA Releases Industry Health & Safety Video

Over the weekend, the MITA team worked with Martin Waymire, our public relations firm, to craft a short, yet informative video about many of the new and updated safety protocols that are required during these unprecedented times. The video highlights several concepts for creating and maintaining safe and healthy job sites, while also emphasizing the fact that contractors across Michigan care about the health and safety of their employees and partners.
We recognize that not all contractors are actively working at this time, and we also understand that there are several unique factors at play. That said, the goal of this video is to promote health and safety on job sites now, during these tough times, but also for the future to help our industry to navigate the new normal as we come out of the peak of this pandemic.
At MITA, our goal is to always attempt to think ahead for our industry. Our hope is that the effort made to create this video will support you and your employees today and well into the future. We also believe that sharing this with employees, industry partners, subcontractors, suppliers and owners will be helpful in ensuring that everyone is working together, united for a safer and healthier Michigan.
Please click here to see the video.