MITA Ski Weekend is Back! Sorta

Between a hotel fire and the pandemic, the MITA ski weekend event has taken a back seat so to speak. Going forward MITA is ready to hit the slopes with members in a less formal event. Here are the details of how ski weekend will work:

All members wanting to participate will make their own reservations. You and your family can stay right at Boyne Mountain, making reservations directly with them or in the vicinity via a vacation rental. Whatever works best for you.

You’ll register with MITA so that a list of attendees can be shared among the group to allow people to connect for dinner, drinks etc..

There are no registration fees associated with this event.

After that, we’ll meet at various locations on the property and probably at some condos in the evenings for drinks or at the Snowflake lounge if it is open. In any event, please fill the registration out so we can communicate with you during the event. Please do not let the informality of this dissuade you from attending. It will all work out if you’re flexible.

If you have any questions please contact Danielle Coppersmith at