MITA to Launch FixMIState Campaign

We are thrilled to announce that on Wednesday, Dec. 7, MITA will launch the FixMIState campaign, an integrated, multi-year educational campaign to build awareness of Michigan’s massive unmet infrastructure needs. This campaign extends beyond roads and bridges to a full spectrum of infrastructure needs, including: community drinking water systems, stormwater sewer systems, wastewater sewer systems, roads and bridges, dams and more.

As you know, MITA has spent much of this year researching citizens’ perceptions and beliefs about infrastructure. The research showed Michigan citizens have a thoroughly incomplete understanding of the scope of the problem facing our state. The goal of FixMIState is to inform and educate Michigan citizens about the state’s infrastructure needs.

FixMIState will use an integrated set of digital and social media, earned media and stakeholder relations tactics. The campaign will be driven by strong videos that will live on the website and social channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube). These videos will appear in paid digital ads, targeting Michigan residents who have demonstrated political engagement and interests. For earned media, the campaign will distribute news releases to media statewide on Dec. 7, as well as target and brief individual reporters prior to the launch. The strategy also includes op-eds about the campaign in targeted newspapers. Last, FixMIState will invite key stakeholder groups to engage and support the campaign.

What can you do? Engage with the FixMIState campaign materials online.  

•Follow FixMIState on social media:

•Share and engage with the FixMIState campaign videos on Facebook and Twitter.

•Sign up for the “Dig Deeper” newsletter on the website and urge others to do the same.

•Send in examples of the state’s unmet infrastructure needs (videos, photos, reports, news stories, etc.) that FixMIState can share through the campaign. MITA members can email the videos, photos and information to MITA’s Director of Communications, Nancy Brown, at, or MITA’s Outreach Coordinator, Mariam Robinson, at

Fixing our infrastructure is going to take many years and substantial effort. Now’s the time to start. Thank you for your support.