MITA Website Goes Live With Updates

MITA is pleased to announce that the website has successfully completed a long series of changes and overhauls that are sure to make your online membership experience more effective and more fulfilling. We have worked hard to ensure that the website is user-friendly, organized thoughtfully and enjoyable to look at.

We’d like you to note a few things before navigating the upgraded site:

1. Every MITA member company employee who is listed in our online database has THEIR OWN username and password to be able to log into the site and access member only information. If you do not have a login, if you have updated profile information, or if you think you have a login but can’t remember it, please email Sara Schaibly, Membership Services Coordinator, at In general, usernames are first and last names (patjones) and the password is mitapass01, unless you have changed it to something more personal.

2. We know that bulletins are a favorite resource for many of our members. Please note that we have categorized bulletins by service areas (legislative, engineering, labor, safety, workforce development) to make finding them easier. We also now have the ability to tag bulletins with key words or phrases, which should also be helpful when searching old bulletins to find the one you want. Lastly, there is a print icon at the top of every bulletin that we encourage you to use for printing any bulletins you wish to keep a hard copy of. The print icon prints the bulletin in an aesthetically pleasing manner and does not cut anything off.

3. The MITA PAC will continue to accept direct online donations via PERSONAL credit cards. The system is easy to use and DOES NOT save credit card information to ensure a secure transaction. Please remember that Michigan campaign finance laws prohibit corporate contributions to the MITA PAC.

4. Don’t forget that registering online for upcoming events is always an option. The event calendar is a great resource and tool regarding all MITA networking opportunities.

5. The MITA Ads link and the DBE Ads link were also completely upgraded during this website project. They are completely new, improved, and ready to withstand the traffic and information that flows through them daily. Check them out today!

6. If you had bookmarked the old site or any specific links that you frequently use, please be sure to UPDATE all of them, since links were changed throughout the site as part of this project.

We hope that you find the improved website easier to use, as well as a useful resource for all of your membership needs. We encourage you to send us feedback so that we can continue to provide a high level of service to all members.

If you’re having trouble navigating the new site, we encourage you to reach out to us:

Danielle Coppersmith, Event Coordinator

Sara Schaibly, Membership Services Coordinator

Mariam Robinson, Director of Strategic Affairs