PAC Donor Spotlight – Anlaan Corporation

This edition of the MITA PAC Donor Spotlight recognizes the Anlaan Corporation. Anlaan has been a long standing, consistent supporting company of the PAC and this year went above and beyond with six employees contributing to the PAC! Several companies have promoted the MITA PAC company wide and have seen great success. Getting your top key personnel to give to the PAC, no matter at what level, will go a long way in encouraging other employees to give as well as encouraging other companies to start their own fundraising effort for the PAC.

Tom Wagenmaker
Nick Baker
Ryan O’Donnell
Trevor Casad
Jessica Fowler
Derrick Arens

The MITA PAC is the most effective tool our industry has to support candidates who will fight in favor of contractors in the Michigan Legislature. Your personal financial support of the MITA PAC gives us the opportunity to have a strong influence in the political process.

If every MITA member company encouraged their top tiered managers and employees to give to the PAC, our goal would be reached in no time, giving our efforts for long-term sustainable infrastructure investments a greater chance of success. Please visit the PAC Donation Link for more information on our Long-Term Sustainable Funding Campaign and how you can get involved.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Rob Coppersmith, Executive Vice President, at or Lance Binoniemi, Vice President of Government Affairs, at