Prevailing Wage Compliance an MDOT Focus

At a recent industry leadership meeting, MDOT Director Kirk Stuedle repeated the following message: “During the 2007 construction season, we are stepping up enforcement on wage rate interviews to ensure contractors are complying with all requirements as specified in the prevailing wage contract documents.” In recent months, MDOT has received an increase in the number of complaints regarding wage rate compliance and has hired a third party to assist them in conducting wage rate interview and general compliance oversight.

One of the reoccurring complaints stem from the trucking industry. Click here to review BOHIM 2004-21 “Davis-Bacon and Prevailing Wage Compliance” and click here to view MDOTs FAQ Construction & Technology FAQ under the Region Services Unit heading for a refresher to when prevailing rates apply.

Remember, the prime contractor is ultimately responsible for subcontractor compliance.

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