Primary Election Summary

The MITA PAC is very strategic when selecting which candidates to contribute to in primary elections. Primary elections can be very unpredictable at times, and often only those working specific campaigns with a front row seat to the ground game really know what outcomes may occur. This primary season was no different. All in all, the MITA PAC was very successful with most candidate choices, and there were just a few unfortunate outcomes.

MITA PAC checks were written for 19 different candidates who were in competitive primaries and of those 19 only two of the candidates lost their primary elections.  The toughest loss came in the 1st congressional district, where long time supporter of the heavy construction industry Tom Casperson lost his attempt at a run for Congress. As two veteran politicians fought hard against each other for several months, a relatively unknown candidate who has never held public office ended up on top. Jack Bergman was victorious in the Republican primary and will now face Democrat Lon Johnson in the general election for the 1st congressional seat.

There were many candidates running for 42 open seats in the Michigan House. With that many open seats, it is difficult to fully understand where the candidates sit on specific issues, as they have never taken a vote in Lansing. As the dust settles after the primary election, MITA staff will be meeting with and researching several candidates before the November general election to see if there are individuals who should be supported by the MITA PAC.

Following a trend from previous elections, a vast majority of local millages passed throughout the state. 89 percent of the 37 road millages passed in local communities, which means more road work for MITA members. In addition, nine of the 12 increases to provide a funding source for infrastructure needs passed.  Several communities are looking toward the Flint water crisis as a reason to invest more in all infrastructure within their region.