Roads Innovation Task Force Solicits MITA “Innovation Ideas”

As part of the effort to prepare the comprehensive report required by enrolled House Bill No. 4737, MDOT’s Roads Innovation Task Force is soliciting industry input on innovative materials, products, methods and processes that have the construction potential to result in Michigan roads and bridges that are high in quality with extended service life at reduced maintenance costs.

Ideas submitted shall NOT incorporate or reference plans or suggestions regarding bonding, refinancing or financing innovations.

If you have an innovative idea you would like to submit, respond to this email bulletin with sufficient information about the idea and any supporting documentation. MITA will compile the innovate ideas submitted and will forward them to the Roads Innovation Task Force for their consideration and potential inclusion in the report.

The submittal deadline for your innovative ideas is Wednesday, January 13, 2016. 

If you have any questions about this solicitation, please contact Mike Nystrom, Executive Vice President, at, Lance Binoniemi, VP of Government Affairs, at or Glenn Bukoski, VP of Engineering Services, at They can all be reached by calling 517-347-8336.