Statewide Poll: Great Lakes Tunnel Has Overwhelming Bipartisan Support

Voters from across the political spectrum support the construction of the Line 5 Great Lakes Tunnel, according to the results of a recent statewide poll.
Majorities of Democrats, Republicans and Independents support the construction of the tunnel because they believe it is the best solution for Line 5. In addition, the voters want the state to move forward immediately with permitting for the project.
The poll was commissioned by the Michigan Chamber of Commerce, which, like MITA, is a  partner in the coalition that supports building the tunnel.
A just over four-minute video, produced by the Michigan Chamber, highlights the results of the poll, which was conducted by TargetPoint Consulting. In the video, Mike Alaimo, the Director of Environmental & Energy Affairs for the Michigan Chamber, interviews Michael Meyers, President of TargetPoint. Click here to view the video