Support the MITA PAC

Thank you to all of those who donated to the MITA PAC in 2023.  As mentioned in other communications, the MITA PAC saw its strongest year ever in 2022, raising over the $250,000 goal that the newly resurrected PAC Committee had established.

It is now time for us to ramp up our efforts for 2023 and surpass our record-setting year last year.  Moving forward, our goal should be to increase our annual fundraising efforts each year into the future.  That will mean that those who started this “long-term, sustainable funding campaign” will have to get in a routine of contributing each year.  In addition, we need those who are committed to our efforts to encourage your peers to support the MITA PAC as well.   The MITA PAC has started the year off strong, with one member spotlight company already, Dan’s Excavating who had five contributors in January alone.

Political giving through our PAC is one of the most effective ways to gain access to policymakers.  That access is needed to advocate for our issues as lawmakers have thousands of issues that they face with advocates for all those issues as well.  It is also extremely important for us to speak as a unified voice, which the PAC provides.  We know that a lot of you donate to various politicians on your own, and we appreciate that you maintain those relationships. We can also speak with a louder voice if we are all speaking together.

Please help us recognize those that gave to the PAC last year and we hope that you all can take some time and invest in your business by investing in the MITA PAC.

To donate to the MITA PAC, click here.

Brian Hoffman Hoffman Bros., Inc.
Dennis Rozanski Dan’s Excavating, Inc
James Doescher Dan’s Excavating, Inc
Joe Goodall Dan’s Excavating, Inc
Robert Hentkowski Dan’s Excavating, Inc
Robert Adcock Angelo Iafrate Construction Company
Justin Peyerk Dan’s Excavating, Inc
Troy Broad Team Elmers
Chris Shea P.K. Contracting, Inc
David Terbeek AIS Construction Equipment
Craig Fons GBM Companies
David Pytlowany AIS Construction Equipment
David Terbeek AIS Construction Equipment
Byron Miller AIS Construction Equipment
Don Meram FDM Contracting, Inc.
Mike Miller VTC Insurance Group
Fred Meram FDM Contracting, Inc.
Dan Eriksson Hoffman Bros., Inc.
James Malenich II Fessler & Bowman
Rinaldo Acciavatti Pamar Enterprises Inc.
J.W. Fisher Fisher Companies
Ron Measel ACE Cutting Equipment
Bruce Lowing Hardman Construction, Inc.
Brian Borich Ajax Paving Industries, Inc.
Tom Wagenmaker Anlaan Corporation
Brandie Meisner M&M Excavating Company
Brandon Beach M&M Excavating Company
Fred McNina M&M Excavating Company
Gabe Nowicki M&M Excavating Company
John Landrie M&M Excavating Company
Joseph Stutesman M&M Excavating Company
Ken Nowicki M&M Excavating Company
Paul Meir M&M Excavating Company
Regina Stutesman M&M Excavating Company
Zachary Misiak M&M Excavating Company
John Zito Zito Construction
Mark Johnston Ajax Paving Industries, Inc.
Mike Malloure C.A. Hull Co, Inc.
Jamie Lemke Give ‘Em A Brake Safety
Marc Van Til Give ‘Em A Brake Safety
Steven Brown Pamar Enterprises Inc.
Nicholas Baker Anlaan Corporation
Ryan O’Donnell Anlaan Corporation
Dean Vredevoogd Standale Lumber
David Turner C.A. Hull Co, Inc.
Jack Dykstra II Jack Dykstra Excavating, Inc.
Aden Shea P.K. Contracting, Inc
Bill Britt Britt Family Pure Maple Syrup
Drake Dunigan Dunigan Bros., Inc.
James Kloote JE Kloote Contracting
Karl Schweitzer GM & Sons, Inc.
Kurt Shea P.K. Contracting, Inc
Robert Adcock Angelo Iafrate Construction Company
Ron Lammy II Modern Concrete
William Rizor Hoffman Bros., Inc.
Gerald Kalin Kalin Construction Co., Inc.
Jayasing Jay Desai C.A. Hull Co., Inc.
Andrew O’Connor C.A. Hull Co., Inc.
Brent Gerken Gerken Paving, Inc.
Patty Meyer Patty Meyer
Dustin Dunigan Dunigan Bros., Inc.
Michael Phelps Z-Contractors, Inc.
Clay Malloure C. A. Hull Co., Inc.
Patrick Dunigan Dunigan Bros., Inc.
John W. Kersaan Grand River Construction Company
Gabriele Cipparrone Cipparrone Contracting, Inc.
Donald Timmer Timmer Construction Company, Inc.
Brian Olesky Pamar Enterprises Inc.
Jim Reed C.A. Hull Co., Inc.
Benjamin Kohler Ajax Paving Industries, Inc.
John Thomas Diponio Jay Dee Contractors, Inc.
Michael Peake Action Traffic Maintenance, Inc.
Sean Morrissey GM & Sons, Inc.
Josh Goldsworthy The Beaver Excavating Company
Eric Walbert GM & Sons, Inc.
Jeffrey Irvin Action Traffic Maintenance, Inc.
Thomas R Peake, Jr Action Traffic Maintenance, Inc.
Timothy Peake Action Traffic Maintenance, Inc.
Timothy Peake Action Traffic Maintenance, Inc.
Gary L Merkey Jackson-Merkey Contractors, Inc.
Steve Jackson Jackson-Merkey Contractors, Inc.
Hugo Gallegos GM & Sons, Inc.
Scott L. Ammarman E. T. Mackenzie Company
Patty Meyer Patty Meyer
Kelly Weber Action Traffic Maintenance, Inc.
Scott Bazinet Lowe Construction, Inc.
Mark Campbell GM & Sons, Inc.
Chris Peyerk Dan’s Excavating, Inc
George Verscheure C. A. Hull Co., Inc.
Andy Stover Toebe Construction LLC
Andy Thelen Toebe Construction LLC
Brad Stover Toebe Construction LLC
Carrie Pennington Toebe Construction LLC
Dave Fischer Toebe Construction LLC
Jason Fowler Toebe Construction LLC
Tom Stover Toebe Construction LLC
Erdmen Mackenzie E.T MacKenzie Company
Michael Marks E.T MacKenzie Company
Stephanie Mackenzie E.T MacKenzie Company
Thomas Mackenzie E.T MacKenzie Company
Chad Austin Kalin Construction Co., Inc.
Jennifer Slater Action Traffic Maintenance, Inc.
Bob Marvin Kalin Construction Co., Inc.
Derek LaBean HYMMCO
Gerald Kalin Kalin Construction Co., Inc.
Michael Peake Action Traffic Maintenance, Inc.
Luke Fleischmann Michigan Pipe & Valve- Grand Rapids
Tom Rizor Hoffman Bros., Inc.
Patty Meyer Patty Meyer
Blake Zapczynski Z Contractors, Inc.
Brooke Zapczynski Z Contractors, Inc.
Mike Campbell GM & Sons, Inc.
Jeffrey Irvin Action Traffic Maintenance, Inc.
Thomas R Peake, Jr Action Traffic Maintenance, Inc.
Kelly Weber Action Traffic Maintenance, Inc.
David Maas Diversco Construction Co., Inc.
James Dykema Dykema Excavators, Inc.
Jesse Pero Hoffman Bros., Inc.
David Cowper Ajax Paving Industries, Inc.
Ed Boucher Kotz Sangster Wysocki P.C.
Lynn Harmala Lawrence M Clarke
Kurk Schweitzer GM & Sons, Inc.
Lori Adkins GM & Sons, Inc.
Michael DeFinis Angelo Iafrate Construction Company
Kevin Mullins Angelo Iafrate Construction Company
Remi Coolsaet RL Coolsaet Construction Co
Christopher Woolley C. A. Hull Co., Inc.
Marcy Adkins GM & Sons, Inc.
Jennifer Slater Action Traffic Maintenance, Inc.
Ricky Gallegos GM & Sons, Inc.
Daniel Mergens Edw. C. Levy Co
Erick Garza Angelo Iafrate Construction Company
Peter Scodeller Fonson Company, Inc.
Jessica Fowler Anlaan Corporation
Trevor Casad Anlaan Corporation
Derrick Arens Anlaan Corporation
Nickolaus C D Pinaire SITECH Michigan
Lukas Gordon Payne & Dolan, Inc.
James Burg James Burg Trucking Company
Angelo Lanni Florence Cement Company
Doreen Lanni Florence Cement Company
Angelo Lanni, Jr. Florence Cement Company
Patrick Dunigan Dunigan Bros., Inc.
Rachel Snyder BCT Benefits
Mel Stein BCT Benefits
Nicholas Troshak Cardinal Fabricating
Andrew Dauksts Give ‘Em A Brake Safety
Jane Anstett Give ‘Em A Brake Safety
Michael Rempalski Give ‘Em A Brake Safety
Douglas Kaltz MUE INC
Richard Snyder Kaltz Excavating Co. Inc./M.U.E. Inc
Jessica Kaltz Kaltz Excavating Co. Inc./M.U.E. Inc
Ian Cypher MUE INC
Kevin Housner Kaltz Excavating Co. Inc.
William Donaldson MUE INC
Shane Lemke Give ‘Em A Brake Safety
Ted Shauger MUE INC
Doug Maciejewski Kaltz Excavating Co, Inc.
Randy Harrison Kaltz Excavating Co, Inc.
Jim Roehl MUE INC
Matt Lewis MUE INC
Terry Kaltz Kaltz Excavating Co., Inc.
Michael Buck Salus Group
Eliot Weiner Levy Specialty Products, LLC
David Marshall Ajax Paving Industries, Inc.
Christopher Heyboer Give ‘Em A Brake Safety
Todd Schrader Hardman Construction, Inc.
Frank DiPonio DiPonio Contracting, Inc.
Chris Maltese DiPonio Contracting, Inc.
Marie Chesney DiPonio Contracting, Inc.
Ben Spada DiPonio Contracting, Inc.
Craig S Fons GBM Companies
Lance Binoniemi MITA
Glenn/Sherry Bukoski MITA
Rob Coppersmith MITA
Rachelle VanDeventer MITA
Jacqueline Kaltz Coulombe Kaltz Coulombe PLLC
Alex Coulombe Kaltz Excavating Co. Inc./M.U.E. Inc.
Eric Morris HNTB Michigan Inc.
Monica Ackerson Michigan Road Preservation Association
Hal Howlett Angelo Iafrate Construction Company
Greg Pease Alta Equipment Company
Gianni Campo Alta Equipment Company
Doug Sleight Alta Equipment Company
Dan Campo Alta Equipment Company
Connor Campbell Alta Equipment Company
Matt DiPonio Alta Equipment Company
Dan Flis Alta Equipment Company
Jason Glass Alta Equipment Company
Paul Daugharty Alta Equipment Company
Dyrris Marshall Shadow Team VFX
Rick Becker Michigan Paving & Materials Co.
Kyle Brenner Brenner Excavating, Inc.