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The MITA Workforce Development Committee held its second meeting on June 19, where it was determined that a youth program should be developed. This program would be modeled after a similar one already underway in the city of Detroit – Detroit Workforce of the Future (DWF). DWF is set up to teach 16-18 year olds about the transportation construction industry. DWF goes into local high schools, explains the program to students, and interviews and selects candidates to be a part of the program. It’s geared towards students who are not planning to go to college and who are considering a career in the construction trades as an alternative. This initiative has eight contracting companies involved that offer a wide range of experiences, including C. A. Hull, Angelo Iafrate Construction, Barton Malow, Cadillac Asphalt, Ajax Paving, Ideal Contracting, Dan’s Excavating, and Toebe Construction.

The students start the program in the fall and meet for 2.5 hours every Friday to learn about the industry, safety, light estimating and scheduling, as well as other aspects of working for a construction company. The second portion of the program begins in the summer, when the students are rotated in groups and work six 40 hour work weeks with all of the participating companies. The students who have graduated can then have the opportunity to be hired by any of the companies immediately following the completion of the program. In addition, the younger students are exposed to the industry and can begin making firm plans for their future upon graduation.

The MITA Workforce Development Committee would like to start a second program similar to this somewhere else in the state. We are asking you to complete this survey to finalize which area of the state shows the highest level of interest and which companies would like to be a part of this program, including being on the advisory committee to establish the details of it once a location has been determined. Ken Bertolini, MITA’s Director of Workforce Development, will run the meetings, meet with local high school officials and work alongside the participating companies to help ensure the success of the program.

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The information that you provide will be extremely helpful in helping us to get a second program off the ground successfully. Also, please strongly consider being on the advisory committee and/or a participating company. This system has proven to strengthen relationships with local school districts, which have been very receptive to programs that educate students, particularly in areas that they do not have knowledge in, and that have strong industry backing.

Contact Ken Bertolini, MITA Director of Workforce Development, if you have any questions at (517) 449-0155 or at kenbertolini@thinkmita.org.