The American Jobs Plan

Last week, President Joe Biden proposed $387 billion for transportation infrastructure improvements.  The proposal, called the American Jobs Plan, is billed as a way to rebuild the nation’s infrastructure as well as create employment and economic growth.  Included are investments beyond just roads and bridges.  Other infrastructure investments include broadband, school construction and drinking water.  Policy initiatives like climate change and racial equity and environmental justice are included in the proposal as well.
Break Down of Investments:
·   $115 billion for roads and bridges
·   $85 billion for public transportation
·   $80 billion for Amtrak improvements and loan and grant programs to improve freight rail
·   $25 billion for large, complex infrastructure projects of regional significance
·   $25 billion for airports
·   $20 billion to improve road safety
·   $17 billion for ports and inland waterway improvements
The Biden administration is proposing to pay for the American Jobs Plan through tax increases on corporations.  The proposal would raise the corporate tax rate from 21 percent to 28 percent.  Estimates suggest that this would raise $2 trillion for infrastructure over 15 years.
A lot of the details are still being collected.  How this would directly impact Michigan is yet to be seen but a surface transportation investment of this magnitude from the federal government has never been proposed.  Presidential proposals are rarely adopted by Congress and it is likely that there will be significant changes throughout the legislative process.  The US House and Senate are working on their own plans and discussion on those at the committee level are expected to take place in May.  As more details emerge, MITA staff will update the membership.
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