The Safety & Health Field Book is Essential!

The first item a MIOSHA Safety Officer generally asks for during an inspection is a copy of your company’s safety and health program. When’s the last time you updated yours? Does it encompass the new confined space rules? Utility locating per Public Act 174? MITA has developed a new Safety & Health Field Book to keep members on the right path when it comes to safety. 

The truck proof version provides members with a compliance aid, but it’s also intended to be a good reference for questions, tailgate talks, OJT, and corrective actions. It includes a mobile device policy, foreman job site checklist, a base disciplinary policy, and much much more!

True safety comes from a foreman’s ability to compel the crew to comply with construction safety rules. This document provides the framework to make that a reality. 

Not every type or discipline of construction work can be covered in a single document, but this Field Book covers the vast majority of what the heavy construction industry is involved in. 

They are available to members for $10 each. 

If you have any questions, please contact Greg Brooks, Director of Safety & Compliance, at, or call 517-507-2531.

If you wish to place an order, please contact Sara Schaibly, Membership Services Coordinator, at, or call 517-347-8336.