That’s the number of emails since the launch of MITA’s “Contact Your Legislator” campaign about the need for a long-term, equitable, and sustainable infrastructure funding plan that we launched at the Annual Conference. Thank you to all who have taken the 30 seconds it takes to complete this task! MITA has put considerable effort in making this a simple and easy process.

MITA often hears from legislators that they’re “just not hearing anything about infrastructure funding” in their districts. So let’s be that squeaky wheel that gets this done. Our letter is clear and to the point and if you’ve sent one, please continue to send it regularly to your lawmaker. Please encourage your friends and family to do the same also! 

Many legislators fear making hard funding decisions due to reelection concerns. “WE” need to turn the tables on our issue regarding that mentality. Lawmakers who don’t support working toward a long-term solution should be at risk in the next election!

MITA had more than 1,300 members at the Annual Conference and only 260 emails went out by the conference’s end. It’s a good start, but if I’m being honest, we can do much better. If you work in this industry, taking this action should be part of your daily routine.

MITA will not be shy about infrastructure funding. What is good for our industry is good for the State of Michigan and all who live, work, and play here from across the country! We can turn jobs into careers that support families!

So please be a part of the solution. Use the following links, share this message, and educate yourself about our statewide problem by going to the FixMIState website. Your PAC dollars will also play a pivotal role in making this a possibility. Never underestimate the power of the purse, and every donation counts. Give what makes sense for your budget and station in our industry.

We at MITA look forward to updating you on the number of actions taken. Thank you in advance for all your support.