2020 ARTBA Washington Fly-In

Spring is around the corner, and we are gearing up for another trip to Washington, D.C. Unlike past years, MITA staff is changing things up by joining the ARTBA team during their official Fly-In, May 12-14, 2020. We would encourage any and all members who are interested in the Fly-In experience to consider joining the one hosted by ARTBA this year. Details and information can be found on ARTBA’s website by clicking here. We would also ask that if you do decide to sign up and attend, please let us know so that we can coordinate details with you for attending meetings with the Michigan congressional delegation. Questions about the Fly-In may be directed to Lance Binoniemi, VP of Government Affairs, at lancebinoniemi@thinkmita.org or by calling the MITA office at 517-347-8336.