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Place Your Order Today for Additional MITA Directories

MITA’s 2022-2023 Member Directory and Buyer’s Guide is at the printer!  Once it is printed and mailed next month, each MITA member company headquarters and each branch location will receive a free directory.  You can place an order for additional directories ($25 per directory) by emailing Nancy Brown at nancybrown@thinkmita.org.
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MDOT E-mail Contacts Contractor Announcement

MDOT recently posted a Contractor Announcement notifying bidders that MDOT now requires a designated e-mail contact for Contractor Payments and payment-related items for all construction projects. Please click here to view MDOT’s Contractor Announcement. If you have any questions, please contact Glenn Bukoski at glennbukoski@thinkmita.org, or Rachelle VanDeventer at rachellevandeventer@thinkmita.org,
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MITA in the News

MITA in the News: Rob Coppersmith – WILX Television

April 14, 2022, WILX Television Report: Michigan roads cost drivers $4,845 in vehicle repairs annually It will cost households $873 a year to improve roads By Cody Butler Michigan’s deteriorating roads are costing Michiganders about $4,845 every year in repairs. A new report shows it will cost even more if nothing changes in