2024 Job Site Posters Have Arrived

MITA’s latest update to the 2024 Job Site Posters is now available. To simplify your operations, the poster includes all the required state and federal forms in one spot. It’s printed on a thick, flexible, and waterproof material that will withstand the rigorous demands of job sites and inclement weather. The last update was completed in May 2023. This document is also required on job sites and its absence has caused delays in payment on some Federally funded projects.

The following 2024 updates were made from our May 2023 edition:

WDH9904 – updated to the most current version
WH1462 – updated to the most current version
FHWA1022 – blank name field for easy updates
(Theodore Burch is current)
WH1321 – updated title to Prevailing Wage Compliance Officer
Edition – April 2024

MITA’s goal is to have the most up-to-date poster available. However, please understand that MITA cannot be held responsible for changes made to the information contained on the poster once it is produced. It is not uncommon for changes to occur throughout the construction season. MITA updates this information annually and will inform members of changes if necessary when they have been brought to our attention.

Click here to order the posters now ($75 each, plus tax and shipping).

Specific questions about the contents of the poster should be directed to MITA’s Director of Safety and Compliance, Greg Brooks, via email, gregbrooks@thinkmita.org. You can also call our office at (517) 347-8336.