Green Lights Allowed On Construction Vehicles

In October 2018, legislation was passed and signed into law that allowed for green safety lights to be installed on construction vehicles that are engaged in authorized highway repair or maintenance. Studies have shown that green lights can be seen more effectively and are therefore safer. State, county and local officials have been able to utilize green lights for a couple of years now, but the recently passed legislation extends that ability to privately owned construction vehicles, as well.

Last week a MITA member was pulled over by a State Trooper with the Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Division (CVED) and issued a written warning that their green lights were in violation of the law. After we checked with that division head and explained our position on changes to the law, a message was sent out to all of the CVED officers that green lights are now allowed on these vehicles.

Below is the notice that Captain Michael Krumm issued, letting his officers know that a vehicle engaged in authorized highway repair or maintenance may be equipped with green lights. He suggested that MITA members who are concerned about the potential of being pulled over with green lights print this notice off for their use. Eventually most, if not all, officers will receive the information, and this will no longer be an issue once law enforcement gets used to the new lighting.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Mike Nystrom, Executive Vice President, at, or Lance Binoniemi, Vice President of Government Affairs, at  They both can be reached at 517-347-8336.

Please see the official message that was disseminated to the Michigan State Police below:

With the beginning of the 2019 construction season, CVED officers are reminded that a vehicle engaged in authorized highway repair or maintenance may be equipped with flashing, rotating, or oscillating amber or green lights. The use of green lights is not limited to state and county vehicles.

Capt. Michael A. Krumm