IMPORTANT: Please Contact MITA for Gross Vehicle Weight Registration Renewals, NOT Secretary of State

Over the last few weeks, many members have contacted MITA staff directly to be guided through the process of obtaining vehicle registration renewals that expired prior to March 1. You may refer to our previous bulletin regarding those details, but in short, you can email Lance Binoniemi, VP of Government Affairs, at with copies of the registration information, as well as a contact name, phone number and email address to get your gross vehicle weight (GVW) registration renewals processed.

Per MITA’s contact at the Secretary of State’s office, if you have received contact information for a branch office, please cease from distributing that information to others immediately. At this time, everyone MUST go through MITA in order to receive assistance in renewing your registrations. If and when this changes, members will be notified by MITA.

If you have any questions, please contact Lance Binoniemi, Vice President of Government Affairs, at