Legislative Update

Please find below sample letters to the editor and an update on the old blue license plates:

We need MITA members to speak out!

Momentum continues to grow as MITA pushes for enhanced road funding in Michigan. The next few months is a critical time to build support for the legislative efforts.

As a result, MITA members are being encouraged to help garner public support for the funding initiative by submitting letters to the editor to their local newspapers.

The idea is to promote a better statewide transportation system through repeated and consistent messages by all interested parties. Click here to view the sample letters that will make it quick and simple for members to speak out.

The letters to the editor will also be available throughout the rest of the campaign on the Drive MI website which is located at www.drivemi.org.

Old blue license plate to be retired

In 1982, Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” sold 20 million albums and “Dallas” was the most watched television program in America. That was the same year that Michigan introduced the old blue license plate.

This week, Governor Granholm signed legislation to replace these plates with a new standardized plate made of reflectorized paint.

The legislation will take $11 million out of the Michigan Transportation Fund to pay the initial costs to replace the plate. However, MITA supported this legislation because it is estimated to generate between $15 and $30 million by forcing drivers who are using old expired tabs to buy a new plate or be easily spotted by law enforcement.

The plan will replace all 5.6 million old blue license plates by January 1, 2008.

MITA will keep you updated on all of these important issues.

If you have any questions please contact Mike Nystrom, Vice President of Government and Public Relations at mikenystrom@mi-ita.com ; or Keith Ledbetter, Director of Legislative Affairs at keithledbetter@mi-ita.com ; or by calling the MITA office at (517) 347-8336.