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MITA represents the interests of underground, road and bridge contractors across Michigan (as well as many affiliated businesses), by promoting and protecting the industry in Washington D.C., Lansing and at the local level through government relations. MITA’s top priority is to fight for and secure adequate long-term funding, with limited bureaucratic involvement, for the entire heavy construction industry.


On this legislative page, you will find helpful tools and links to help you become the best advocate you can be. Our goal is that this page will be a useful resource that will help you stay up to date and well-informed on the legislative issues facing our industry.

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MITA is constantly fighting for positive changes in the legislature, as well as battling negative legislation on the industry’s behalf. The best way to help in the overall effort of keeping the needs of the industry at the front of legislative minds is to contact them yourself. Establishing working relationships with your legislators is a great way to teach them about the industry while keeping yourself up to date on the legislative process.

We have also provided links to look up who your legislators are, in case you wish to contact them via phone or snail mail, or if you simply want to see what they look like. Click on the appropriate links below to be redirected to the search pages.

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Debbie Stabenow


Gary Peters


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Please use the form below to contact Lance Binoniemi, MITAVP of Government Affairs. He can help you set up meetings with your state representative and your state senator based on the information you provide.


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Look Up a Bill

Terms in the Michigan Legislature are limited. This means that almost every two years, bills that were introduced and not passed into law get dumped and new bills get introduced, starting with SB 1 and HB 1001, etc. SB stands for Senate Bill and HB stands for House Bill. The House is on two-year terms, and the Senate is on four-year terms. This means House bills get dumped every two years, and Senate bills get dumped every four years. It is sometimes helpful to look up a specific bill so you can read the exact language and how it might impact you, your employees and the industry.


Click here to access the Michigan Legislature’s official bill website. Here you will find bills, resolutions, public acts, committee meetings, resolutions and more.

Do you want to get more involved in the legislative process by knowing EXACTLY what your state representatives and state senators are voting on every day? NOW YOU CAN. VoteSpotter is the new app that will let you track your elected officials every legislative move, while giving you the opportunity to let them know what you think. Download VoteSpotter today, and start giving feedback to your legislators immediately.

Click here to access the VoteSpotter website and to view a tutorial on how to get the app started on your phone. Apps are available for both iPhone and Android devices.