License Plate Renewals During COVID – 19 Pandemic

Several members have reached out to MITA staff over the last couple weeks inquiring as to what to do about renewing license plates and CDLs while the Secretary of State (SOS) branch offices have been closed down. MITA staff has been in communication with SOS senior staff officials and has been told that they are well aware of the situation and are working on solutions.

The SOS office has requested that police agencies use discretion regarding expired plates on the road, and authorities have agreed to do so in most areas of the state. A spokesperson from the Michigan Association of Chiefs of Police said, “While driving on expired plates is frowned upon, it’s pretty low on the list of concerns”.  In addition, he mentioned that most police departments have instructed their officers to limit their interactions and contacts with people unless it is for more serious crimes and thus, expired plates are not a priority at this time.

The Department of State is still requesting that Governor Whitmer issue an executive order extending individual license plate expiration dates so that there is more clarity for the motoring public. The Governor’s office said that they are looking into the situation.

Please contact Lance Binoniemi, VP of Government Affairs, at with any questions.