MDOT 004 – MDOT Implements Storm Water Outfall Labeling Requirement

With the issuance of Bureau of Highway Instructional Memorandum 2005-03 – Labeling Storm Water Outfalls (BOHIM 2005-03), MDOT has implemented a new storm water outfall labeling requirement. This labeling requirement is a condition of the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit issued to MDOT by the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality which allows MDOT to discharge storm water to the waters of the state.

Effective immediately, all storm water outfalls constructed after April 1, 2005, which discharge directly to the waters of the state, must be labeled to identify MDOT as the storm water drainage system owner/operator. MDOT has written a special provision detailing the labeling work, requirements, measurement, and pay unit. The waters of the state are defined in the permit to include the Great Lakes and their connecting waters, all inland lakes, rivers, streams, wetlands, impoundments, open drains and other surface bodies of water within the confines of the state.

For projects let prior to the March 3, 2005, issuance of BOHIM 2005-03 and constructed after April 1, 2005, MDOT has indicated compliance with the labeling requirement would be implemented by work order and paid for as extra work.

To view and/or print an electronic version of BOHIM 2005-03 and the associated special provision click here.